Sunday, April 7, 2013

female to male massage parlours body to body massage

Female to male massage parlours are generally preferred because female maaseuse understand the sensitive points of male body better. Some female staff in massage parlours ask the customers to remove their dress and just wear a towel or langoti. With maximum boby parts exposed they give female to male massage. In some friendly maassage parlours other interesting massages are given
Body to body massage
What is body to body massage . We see many classified ads in leading dailies like times of india about body to body massage. It is a sensuous body massage given by female to male where the female massages by pressing her body against the body. This gives a soothingexperience. In this body to body massage byfemale to male the soft touch plays a significant part.
Thai foot massage
This is another type of massage. It is given bythe feet. The foot of the female is stamped on the body of the male. This is a rough type of massage where the body parts arre pressed well. 

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